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Do you want to make your kitchen look cool? Then you have come to the right place. My name is Julie and this is my new blog. I am now the proud new owner of a very classy looking modern kitchen. It is something I have dreamt about for a long time. My dream finally came true when I hired a team of remodelling contractors who were able to work long and hard to bring my tired looking kitchen into the 21st Century. If you would like to find out more about the services offered my a remodelling contractor, read on!



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4 Important Considerations Before Starting Bathroom Renovations

A good plan helps in ensuring that you will get value for money when you renovate your bathroom. Below are some considerations that you should think about during the planning phase of a bathroom renovation project.

The use of the bathroom

You should consider how you intend to use the bathroom before the renovation work begins. For example, how many people are expected to use that bathroom once the renovation is completed? The supplies that you need for a bathroom which will be used by the whole family may differ from the supplies that you will need for one that will be used by you and your spouse only. For instance, you may need to install more than one washbasin in case the entire family will be using the bathroom.

Proper separation of the bathroom

Any bathroom that will be used by more than one person can be more convenient and functional if ample attention is given to creating different zones within it. For instance, placing the toilet in a different section from the shower can allow someone to use the toilet while another is taking a shower. Such separation is still possible even if the bathroom space is small. Careful positioning and low separations/walls can make this possible.

Adjusting to the renovation work

Many homeowners often underestimate the challenges that will come while the bathroom is being renovated. Such homeowners may then put the contractor under pressure to complete the work quickly once the reality of the inconveniences strikes. You can avoid being caught unawares by planning how you will cope with such situations during the renovation project. For instance, you should organise a temporary place where you can wash up or apply your make-up during the duration of the project. You can also arrange a place where the people doing the renovation work can store their tools so that they don't litter your home.

Your storage needs

You should also give ample thought to the storage needs of the intended users of that bathroom before the renovation work begins. Storage space for medications, cleaning products and toiletries need to be considered. Make sure that these storage spaces are created so that they suit the height of the different individuals who will use the bathroom. For example, the counters should not be so high that your children cannot reach them.

You should also get expert help during the planning process so that you do not overlook something necessary during the project.