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Do you want to make your kitchen look cool? Then you have come to the right place. My name is Julie and this is my new blog. I am now the proud new owner of a very classy looking modern kitchen. It is something I have dreamt about for a long time. My dream finally came true when I hired a team of remodelling contractors who were able to work long and hard to bring my tired looking kitchen into the 21st Century. If you would like to find out more about the services offered my a remodelling contractor, read on!



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2 Bright And Bold Looks To Consider For Your Kitchen Renovation Project

Remodelling a kitchen is an exciting project, and it's a great way to give an older home a more contemporary look. Unlike bedrooms and bathrooms, your kitchen is the heart of your home and is a room that is highly visible when you have visitors to your home. This may leave you feeling as though you can't be as adventurous with your renovation ideas as you could be in a more private room.

However, it's entirely possible to create a unique, personal and bold look in your kitchen without the fear that visitors may find it overwhelming or too brash. Here are two stunning kitchen looks that are set to be popular over the coming year that may be ideal for your new kitchen.

1. Bright colours

In recent years, the trends for kitchens have been strongly leaning towards neutral tones, natural materials and monochromatic palettes. This is set to change, with many interior designers now creating more confident and daring looks which aren't afraid to use vivid splashes of vibrant colours.

Reds, greens, yellows and oranges are all popular choices; don't be afraid to go for two or more hues to create a fun, warm and beautiful colour scheme. Colours can be used on the walls, floor, benchtops, cabinetry and even on appliances such as ovens and fridges.

2. Bold patterns

Another way to add some pizazz and visual interest to your new kitchen is to introduce some bold and brazen patterns to the space. The most obvious place to do this is on your splashbacks, with a huge variety of different patterned tiles available to cater to every taste. However, it's also possible to get benchtops and cabinetry that embrace pattern and flair.

Moroccan tiles, with their intricate and colourful geometric patterns, are a great choice for an eclectic and exotic kitchen. If you like colour and pattern but prefer a more timeless and elegant look, tiles which replicate the stylised florals of vintage French designs may be a better option. Patterns are great to team up with the bright colour palette described earlier.

If you'd like to incorporate one or both of these ideas into your kitchen renovations, then discuss your options with your remodelling contractor during the planning stages. They can help you to bring your ideas together and also help you to find the right products, materials and fittings that will make the ideas a reality.